A resident Willie Nelson allows seventy horses to move freely in his farm after saving them from being slaughtered

Though the man is 85 anyway he is fond of visiting different places and enjoying different kinds of books.

Look at the man. He is a poet and also writes songs. Besides that he is in love with animals and when he knew that there were 70 horses that must have been slaughtered he decided to save them.

He had a farm in Texas and it was near Austin. He transferred the animals to his farm and some horses could be leaving at the slaughterhouse.

In the ranch the horses are feeling comfortable. They are so fortunate to get to know Willie as he had organized everything to give them the necessary conditions for living.

They are fed well several times in a day and are very happy to have such an owner. A lot of people being at that age don’t have usually interests but it does not refer to him.

He is fond of travelling and enjoys each moment of its life. He built the Farm in 1985. He wanted to arise consciousness of how much family farms are significant. He even had a big concert in participation of thousands of individuals.

He confessed that a lot of young animals are being slaughtered and he is struggling against that.

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