A seven-year-old boy with a kind heart rescued 1,300 dogs by finding home for each of them

Three years ago a kid with the name of Roman was awarded the title of Kid of the year.

This boy rescued 1,300 puppies and grown dogs.

During a famous show at that time, he received a check for $20,000, in order to continue helping animals.

Roman states that it’s important to always find a suitable home for every dog who is helpless and that every kid has to realize that this is a crucial case.

This young boy founded the Project Freedom Ride, to help abandoned find homes for puppies in Texas shelters.

When he was only 4 years old, instead of birthday gifts he asked his parents to donate money to the shelter for the dogs.

Afterward, their family has given a second chance to hundreds of more animals.

Roman was mostly worried for those who were on the list of euthanasia.

So he started recording videos, telling his audience about each of the dogs settled there. Their age, habits, hobbies, characteristics, and convincing them to adapt at least one of them.

Even though the adaption is quite expensive due to vet examinations, food, volunteers joined together to help the boy.

For now, the young boy devotes all his time to sweet dogs, takes care of them, and loves them unconditionally.

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