A story about a kindhearted dog Ziva who adopted a newborn fox whos mother was killed in a tragic car accident

For humans as well as for animals it is very important to have protection and love from their mother.

Sometimes, fate can be so cruel to some babies, they have to survive in the wild without their mothers.

This is about a baby fox who lost his mom during a car crash. He was a newborn and sure enough, he wouldn’t survive if not for the rescuers. Fortunately, no injures were found.

A generous and kind couple named Werner and Angelika adore animals so they joyfully adopted the baby fox. and called him Dinozzo.

Besides, they also had a dog with the name of Ziva, a cat named Leopold, and 2 piglets.

All of them were excited to meet their new friend and befriended him easily. But Ziva was a bit different, she started to behave herself like a mother and care for the fox, like her own baby. This also helped Dinozzo recover from the pain of the loss of his mom.

This kind of friendship was totally a unique one.

Ziva and the baby are always together, they cuddling, playing and spending time together.

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