A story that is a must-read. The heroic dog rescued 7 kittens with his disabled beloved owner

It is not in vain to say that dogs are very intelligent animals. They are not only loyal to their owners but also caring for the environment․

We have read various stories about dogs, but this one is quite different. The dog with the name of Banner rescued 7 helpless and tiny kittens giving them a second chance to live. And now learn the details of this astonishing story.

Lamentably disabled thirty one years old mother of three children lived in Georgia. Her name was Whitney. Despite her health problems, this woman lived a very happy life surrounded by her marvelous family and devoted doy, whom they used to call Banner. The animal was hardly four years old and his breed was husky.

Realizing that his owner could not walk he never behaved badly or mischievously, and always listened to her. But one day he jumped at the woman, grabbed her clothing, and went out of the house. In this way, he wanted to make something clear to his owner.

As the woman said she hardly followed the dog, and Banner led her to the deep forest. Whitney was surprised and amazed at what she saw. The husky brought out a wet newborn kitten, after a short time- another one, then the third.

The woman took other animals out of the cardboard box. Luckily all the babies were safe and sound. Whitney adopted them, and despite the fact that it wasn’t easy for her to take care of one-day-old kittens, she did her best and succeeded.

Let’s hope that heroic dogs like Banner and conscientious people like Whitney are much in this world.

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