A woman encouraged her neighbor to adopt a rescued dog and that same dog later saved her life

This time here is a story about a groomer for dogs who heard about a pet called, Roux, who had to find a family and a caring family.


She suggested her neighbor Jeff take him. Actually, he recently lost her dog and wouldn’t mind taking another one.
So Roux became their family member.

1 year later, on a thanksgiving day, the dog suddenly started running inside the house, barking loudly. The man thought that he was just nervous, But Roux was desperately asking him to open the door.

When the man let the dog out, Roux rushed to his neighbor’s house. That’s when a horrible fire began.
Hopefully, everyone was saved and out of the fire. But not the property.
It destroyed part of the garage and roof.

Now Roux received the title of hero. because due to his emergency actions all the family was saved.

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