Affectionate cat named Samuel was rescued from a small carrier where he had been trapped for most of his life

A tired-out cat spent around 2 years in a bearer for pets, then he was taken to a shelter based in Texas.

His name is Samuel, as he was abandoned by his owners, he survived a hard life. He was completely skinny and sick.

It was even harder for him to open his eyes and his fur was quite clumsy and full of dirt. But he was lucky. That exact picture of him on social media made a user named Leslie catch his attention. Moreover, she was working as a veterinarian.

Despite the horrible condition, he had a successful treatment. Financial support “Purrfect Cat Rescue” had a great role too. Sometime later the poor cat started to get better and better, so Leslie regularly took him to his home.

Finally, he could feel what it means to get real care and love from humans.

But because he was afraid of carriers, he just climbed on top of it. Soon he also learned to walk on the paws, and communicate with people and other animals.

Hopefully, he found a trustful owner Bryan, who managed to get along with him very well.

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