After being abandoned by his owners this poor cat took the role of the newborn baby’s brother

There is so much left on the streets.

And the worst thing is that most of the best animals are left alone. Some of them are fierce, but there exists also kind and dedicated animals, who will do everything for their owner’s quiet life. We just have to give them an opportunity and chance of speaking out.

The Italian woman with the name of Stefano found a very big and luxurious cat at her workplace. Cat did not leave her alone all day long, as he knew what it meant to be alone and abandoned.

The cat was as big that his new owner Stefano named him Tiger. It was a time when she was pregnant. Giving birth to her baby girl she had 2 children at once.

One was her baby, and another was the intelligent and lovely cat, who carefully took the role of the newborn baby’s brother. Tiger slept near the baby, as he wanted to express his gratitude and thankfulness by his actions.

We guess the little princess is the luckiest girl ever to have Tiger around her.

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