All dog lovers must read this story about real and loyal friendship

The connection between animals and people is such huge and strong, that is even hard to imagine.

People love and adore animals, and sometimes more and more than other humans. Animals are loyal, ready to defend, easygoing, and awesome tiny creatures, who just need us and our companion. But except our aid, first of all, they need loyal and kind friends from their breed.

Life was not that much easy for Kim’s family. She lost her beloved animals one after the other.

Her sweeties named Wrigley and Molly had died so unexpectedly that she hardly believed in it. She carefully had taken the role of their mom for a long time.

Nevertheless, she had also one dog, who forced her to continue her life. Once Kim adopted a dog, who was two years old with the name of Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, he had lost the ability to see in his past. This type of examples prove that hardships not only experience us but also reveal who our real and valuable friends are.

Retriever’s roommate named Addie helped him with everything. She became his eyes and guided him everywhere he wanted. And she proved to everyone that real friendships exist and it is up to us we will have it or not.

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