Amanda Holden shows off her ageless figure in a flamboyant, brаless outfit

Amanda Holden shows off her ageless figure in a flamboyant, brаless outfit

Amanda Holden seemed to be removing her bra in a tight dress, drawing attention to herself once more.

Fans could clearly see the 52-year-old star’s nipples through the woolly material of her tight mustard yellow floor-length dress, which made her look amazing.

The TV judge called the dress “super sexy,” and she wore a chain belt to flaunt her tiny waist.

When questioned recently about her frequently effervescent appearance, the radio host responded that she does wear a bra but is just “affected by the cold.”

The host of Britain’s Got Talent, who is getting ready to join Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Toniolo as judges when they return to the show, felt compelled to correct the record.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Amanda discussed how she is sometimes referred to in the media as “flaunting” her legs or “parading” down the street. She exclaimed, “I’m walking, not flaunting.”

She argued, “I’m not braless,” in response to the semi-regular criticism that she was “braless” in paparazzi pictures of her strolling down the street.

“The truth is, even though I wear skimmed bras, the cold always affects my nipples. Nothing I can do will change it.

She has also said in the past to The Sun, “I just don’t get why it matters when you can see girls’ nipples when it doesn’t seem to matter when you see boys’.”The people who create a commotion about them are all others.

She continued, laughing, “But I don’t mind at all. They are insured and have their own management! Amanda made light of the fact that her protruding nipples served as a compass and guaranteed that she would “never get lost.”

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