An interesting report about modish and cute Bunny, famous from Instagram

While we write various heroic stories about animals, especially poor and helpless cats, resourceful and rescue dogs, cookie-loving or grateful bears, there are many different animals in the world that also need praise and words of gratitude.

Before reading this report, just remember the common expression that beauty will save the world. And at the same time we are adding that not only beauty will save, but also fashion, vogue, and creativity.

Designers create such characters and images that are beyond our imagination.

And now meet this beautiful and more than a stylish rabbit. People used to call her Pui Pui. She was proclaimed the most fashionable, modish, and luxurious bunny in the world. This animal is from Japan, from the city of Tokyo. She has her own designers, photographers, stylists, who are trying everything to please this unique and maybe a little bit strange bunny. The animal has also a model career, you can see her pictures from various photoshoots on the social network.

Her owners created a social page on Instagram so her fans could follow her every day. Pui Pui’s followers are over twenty-four thousand (24k) and counting.

Thanks to the bunnies owners she is the most famous and beloved animal among her followers currently.

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