An officer Thomas rescued the sick little cub who was left behind his family

We should learn how to act in difficult situations. For instance, if you meet a mother bear, you have to be careful and not approach the animal.

This policeman named Thomas Owens was ready to risk his life and save the baby cub’s life. He was at his patrols when suddenly he meets a bear mom with the cubs.

In England, there are dozens of bears so he was aware of the situation and could handle it easily.

He just got off the car and stopped to wait until the bear and the cubs will cross the road peacefully. But something was wrong there.

They kept going back and forth. But it turned out that one of the babies couldn’t follow his family, and it was then that the officer realized that there was a problem with the cub. Thomas noticed that the mother bear together with the cubs rushed to the bushes, leaving the fourth baby behind.

It was strange, perhaps the bear wanted to save the other’s life.

Thomas decided to come closer to the cub, even though it was risky. He took the baby and called the emergency, However, imagine what could happen if the mother would appear and see him next to the baby.

Eventually, when the rescue team arrived, turned out that there was also a 5th cub. So both of them were taken for an examination.

They will stay there for some time to get stronger and healthier, then will finally reunite with their mother.

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