Animals in shelters are still waiting for their owners. But what can you do during quarantine?

In order for the animals to receive continuous assistance and not be deprived of the opportunity to find a host, the RAY Foundation for Homeless Animals has launched an online communication service with cats from shelters – “Virtual Host”. The project was developed jointly with VKontakte, where anyone can communicate with the selected pet in private messages.

The service allows you to find out the history of the animal, make a donation in its favor or give a gift and watch the pet in real time. Also, anyone gets the opportunity to chat with the curator of the pet to ask questions of interest. Thus, everything that usually happens when meeting an animal in a shelter is now available online.

The user regularly receives photos and videos about the pet, news about his condition and well-being, and if he decides to take the cat home, the curator will conduct an online interview and book the pet before the end of quarantine.

Each option includes different communication formats that the user can choose from depending on how they want to help the animal. The capabilities of the service are fully duplicated in the RAY Foundation’s VKontakte group, and for the convenience of communication, a chat bot has been created where users can not only choose their pet, but also learn about variousways tohelp homeeless animalss.

The bot will tell you how to become a volunnteer atshelter, donatefood, medicine or things, help with the treatment and maintenance of animals, or even help remotely.

The RAY Charitable Foundation for Helping Homeless Animals provides supportto morethan forty animalshelters located in Moscow, the Moscow Region and nearby regions. The fund provides shelters with food, veterinary care, houseehold equipmennt andbuilding materialsalso pays for the treatment and sterilization of animals from the streets and helps to find their owners. In total, more than 16,000 animals live in shelters supervised by the foundation.

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