Baby chimpanzee cuddles with a stuffed monkey after being rejected by his mother

The chimpanzee baby with the name of Djibril got abandoned after his birth.

His mom named Kika was constantly taken to circuses and as she got offended and beaten up very often, she basically didn’t know how to behave with the newborn baby.

Those who took care of him decided to look for another mother for him. Surprisingly, the little one found a console and peace in the arms of a toy.

The photo of a baby chimpanzee cuddling a stuffed monkey toy was spread abruptly all over social media. No one was indifferent to the heartwarming scene.

Luckily, very soon a biopark located in Valencia agreed to take the baby and shelter. Besides, they had the most appropriate condition for wildlife animals.

So Djibril was successfully moved to his new place. Sometime later, one of the residents named Eva happily took the baby under her protection and started to take care of him as her own baby.

A year passed, and they are still inseparable, and the baby got very stronger and grown up chimpanzee.

The Wildlife Fun states that these species are the most dangerous wildlife animals now. They keep disappearing day by day.

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