Brave dog risks his life to save four little kittens from fire

There is a well-known misconception that dogs and cats don’t get along well with each other. Although lots of stories show us that friendships between these two species are possible and even are very well spread.

Due to this brave dog by the name of Leo, 4 little kittens have been saved from the fire.

These actions demonstrated how brave and caring is a dog who risks its life to save others. A house in Melbourne was fully in the fire. Hopefully, the big family with three kids, the mother, her dog, and the cat mom cat were all in safe.

They managed to get out of the house earlier. However, the family’s second pet Leo, noticed that the 4 kittens were helpless in the house, he didn’t leave the house and saved the lives of poor little ones!

When the emergency staff arrived, they found Leo laying on the kittens to cover them from fire.

But the beautiful soul was in bad condition. Heroic Leo could die, but, thanks to God, he got all the necessary medical treatment and stayed alive!

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