Call the exorcist! Sphynx Xherdan named “world’s scariest cat”

Lack of fur, folds from ears to heels, a condemning cold look from under frowning eyebrows – this cat is no joke. And closer to the night it is better not to mention it at all!

When Xherdans ownerr, forty seven-yearold Sanndra filippi, saw a pink, shriveled kitten that was barely three months old, she fell in love with him at first sight. Now the cat is 6.5 years old. He lives in the Swiss city of Ryti and strikes on the spot with his stern appearance of everyone who sees him.

Sandra, in addition to Jerdan, has two more Don Sphynxes, which she was brought from Russia, but they look different and do not make such a strong impression on people. At the same time, the frightening appearance of the cat does not at all correspond to its soft and kind character.

According to the owner, her pet is very fond of attention. He looks like an affectionate child who follows his mother on the heels and seeks companionship.

Xherdan has many interests. He leads an active lifestyle, loves to play and watch birds through the window, peering intently at the sky with his transparent turquoise eyes.

Sandra strives to change people’s attitudes about sphinxes. On the pet page on the social network, she often talks about the ease of care for cats of this breed. Xherdan needs to be bathed often – and this is a great pleasure, both for the animal and for the owner.

Instagram users also could not remain indifferent to the unusual cat. More than 39 thousand people have already subscribed to his page on the social network, and this number continues to grow. Numerous folds of Xherdan constantly become the subject of discussion. In the comments, subscribers compare their appearance with various objects – convolutions of the brain, dumplings, aliens from comics and science fiction films.

These discussions are not always pleasant. Sandra hopes that people’s attitudes towards this unique breed of cats can change over time, because, like people, cats are also all different – and each of them deserves our love.

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