Cat on a pillow: the world’s sleepiest cat found in China

The red cat of the Munchkin breed is called Fat Xiang, which means “Lucky” in Chinese. And this nickname suits him very well, because the animal was lucky to get to the owner, who does not interfere with doing what he loves – sleeping soundly all day long.

A Taiwanese dentist named Jesse found Fat Xiang on the street four years ago. The cat didn’t look as good as it does now. Small and weak, he was unable to defend himself and was often injured in fights with other street cats. In addition, Fat Xiang was diagnosed with cat immunodeficiencyvirus, diseasee similarr hiv.

In the new house, the cat always hid somewhere and slept for 16-20 hours. Worried, Jesse took the animal to the clinic, where they took blood for analysis, X-rays and other examinations. It turned out that, with the exception of the immunodeficiency virus, Fat Xiang has no particular health problems. And the doctor came to the conclusion that the cat was tired of the tense and stressful life on the street and is now just trying to sleep.

Then Jesse decided to leave the pet alone. Now the cat is living the life he has always dreamed of. He sleeps standing up, lying down and kneeling – but mostly in his favorite position on his back. When Fang Xiang plunges into the world of dreams, you can do anything with him – for example, cut his claws, and he will not even move his mustache. And even when the cat wakes up, he still does not look too cheerful. After a little wandering and having dinner, Fat Xiang again fits on the side.

In order for more people to know about his unusual pet, Jesse created his own Facebook page, which has already been subscribed to by more than 28 thousand people. On it, the Taiwanese publishes photos,videos wit Xiiang and another of his pets, a catnamed shuai (meeans Handsomein Chinese).

He jokingly called the page “Run, Xiang!”, meaning that his pet, after many months of living on the street, is now happy and full of energy. But fans of the “sleepy” cat often dispute this name, because looking at the constantly dozing fluffy, it’s hard to believe that he is even capable of running.

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