Cheetahs are shy and usually have social problems but so they get supportive dogs as a companion

The majority of people think that cheetahs are self-confident and proud animals in the wild. But that’s not true.

Cheetahs who were born in zoos have problems with proper and easy socialization as they are not mentored by their mothers or someone with a higher position from the tribe.

According to vets, these animals usually got panic and anxiety attacks. that’s why in many centers and zoos special dogs are assigned to cheetah babies to support them in their hard time of communication.

These photos display the friendship and strong bond between a cub and a puppy in a zoo. Apparently, cheetahs in captivity get more and more distanced and not so sociable.

But most of them are given cheerful dogs who help and support them in fighting with their insecurities.

Eventually, they become friends and grow up together.

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