Christmas tree with a surprise: the family was horrified to find an unexpected guest on the tree

The Richardson family from the Australian city of Glenlusk, in preparation for the celebration of Christmas, installed a festive fir tree at home. And at one in the morning I woke up from a loud noise – the dogs were barking at the tree like crazy.

The lady of the house decided to inspect the tree. Felicity Richardson knelt down, put the gift boxes aside and, noticing someone’s dark tail, almost grabbed it with her hand, but in time she realized that in front of her … a snake!

The country is home to thousands of snake species, many of which are highly venomous. The woman dragged the furious dogs in anothe rroom, andshe chose a larger pot in the kitchen and rushed to save the family. She covered the reptile with dishes, and then went to wake her daughter – the girl loves snakes and would be upset if she missed such an event. Together, mother and daughter carefully moved the snake from the pot to a plastic container with a lid and called the emergency services.

The girl was delighted. She immediately named the uninvited guest Ryan. The young herpetologist even suggested that Santa deliberately put the muzzle under the tree, knowing about her secret desire. But Mom didn’t even want to hear about leaving a poisonous reptile at home.

Soon the ranger of the national park left for the place. According to him, this is not the first case when snakes crawl into the house and settle on New Year trees – on sunny days, the rescue service receives around 40 calls aday fromresidents whofind themselves in a similar situation. And the Richardsons were very lucky that it turned out to be a simple muzzle, and not a large tiger snake – one of the most dangerous representatives of its kind. The ranger took the reptile and released it into the wild, and Felicity was finally able to breathe easy, knowing that her family was now safe.

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