Cloud in the shape of a dog is an undeniable proof that our beloved dogs are in heaven

Did you ever look at the sky trying to find something there? Just like romantics and children do.

Sometimes the shapes of the clouds may indicate something unusual, outlining something similar to animals and humans.

Now we have a photo of a cloud which very looks like a dog. It quickly went viral.

It was taken in a tropical town, as the sun was going below the horizon. As soon as the gold and red colors covered the sky, the unusual shape of a dog could appear in the sky.

When we lose our loved ones, we try to believe that they are in a good place like heaven. The animals we loved and accepted as family members are most likely to go to heaven as well.

Recently, we hear much news about people seeing their lost pets in the sky. And they actually differ from each other with their shapes.

However, we believe that these signs are from our lovely dogs who want to inform us that they are all right and in a good place.

It is so touching to see the dog-shaped clouds and hope that they are truly doing okay.

This footage somehow eases the pain.

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