Family gets an unexpected call and turns out that their dog who was lost 11 years ago is finally discovered and safe

This amazing story took place in a British village. Eleven years ago, a family dog ran away from home.

At that time, the puppy named Crumpet around 3 month old. The owners Sarah and her family looked for her everywhere, all day long and after. But all in vain.

Years passed, and Sarah unexpectedly gets a call.

It was from the vets in Bournemouth, apparently, they found a dog. When she learned that his name is Crumpet, she got shocked by the news, so her dog was alive and safe, right?

Probably, her family was discovered by the microchip.

Turned out she got tumors in her ears, which caused the loss of hearing.

But now she got back and lives with her favorite humans.

Sarah hopes they still got enough time to spend together.

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