Finally, you will know the story of this famous photo which has made this cat an Internet Star

The couple, who have been living in America for many years, once found a small and helpless cat at a gas station.

The couple initially decided to give the cat an orphanage, but then they became so attached to the cat that they adopted it.

The cat is very agile and playful. In a short time, he became the great love and joy of his family.

The people who adopted the animal named it Carrot.

Carrot is now an internet star and everyone has probably already seen his famous photos. Its owners say that Carrot is so mischievous and greedy that he often steals food. That’s the reason that the couple posted a similar note inside the refrigerator: “Before closing the door, check the cat’s hand”.

The little animal always tries to steal food from the refrigerator, and his parents are worried that he might hurt his hand in that way.

Many people write on the Internet that their animals try to take food in the same way as Carrot. But only Carrot is known for it.

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