For about 10 years this poor cat with kidney diseases stayed at the orphanage because no one wanted to adopt her

Animals are so sensitive and caring that no one can even imagine. It is enough to do them a little favor, and they will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, animals suffer from various diseases too. The hero of our today’s story is the cat Lulu, who also has some health problems. Lulu suffers from kidney failure. She lived in the Animal Rescue Center for quite a long time, as no one adopted her.

But one day a kind and caring woman and her daughter visited the center to adopt an animal.

They liked Lulu very much and decided to adopt her. After living in that center for exactly ten years, Lulu was finally adopted. Her new owners did not even pay attention to the fact that she had health problems.

Having this beautiful animal became a real blessing for her owners. It turned out that the cat is very grateful. Every morning she takes his owner’s shoes from the first floor to the second floor so that her owner could wear them in the morning. This little animal did it with her teeth.

Lulu’s owner is very grateful to have her.

The wonderful woman takes the cat to the veterinarian every month to check the baby’s health condition.

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