Fortunately, this cow had been saved from the auction house and became forever friends with the dog

A man with the name of Janice is an owner of a sanctuary in Arkansas.

He collected there all the animals who needed special attention and care. This shelter became home for more than hundreds of unprotected and homeless animals. Janice found his sanctuary’s residents from different parts of the state. Among these residents is a baby cow, which was founded by Janice’s friend. There are many livestock auction houses in this area.

When that person was in one of these houses, the auctioneers were trying to sell this baby animal. Luckily the friend did not let anyone buy this cute cow and through his mediations, the cow appeared at the sanctuary.

Now he has many friends. But his friends are not the expected ones. Among his friends, there are cats, sheep, but he usually hangs out with dogs. In that place exists thirteen wonderful dogs.

And this cute cow communicated with all of them with an unknown and not understandable language. These types of connections are rare and unrepeatable and they force us to never forget about real friendship.

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