Friendly shelter dog begs for love by putting his paw out of the fence to greet everyone he meets

A well-known fact is that dogs and caring, kind, and loyal animals who love humans and like to be loved in turn.

This cute doggie introduces himself to everyone who passes by, by putting out his paw from the fence to greet everyone he meets. His name is Speck, he got to be in the Bullock Society for a couple of years. Surprisingly, being a friendly and kind dog, he couldn’t find a loving family for himself.

He is so excited to meet people thinking that maybe anyone might notice and take him home. He just needs the feeling of being safe and loved by humans. But this time, when his picture appeared on social media, his life drastically changed.
His photo got viral and many people wanted to adopt the baby.

And eventually, the sweet dog found a forever home in New York. What’s more amazing, is that his family owns a large farm where Speck can run and enjoy his life fully.

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