Great White Shark went viral after jumping 15 feet into the air

Wildlife animals very often impress people with their unaccustomed tricks.

These white sharks are endangered species. These kinds of shots are rare, but professional photographers have captured the majestic physical capabilities of white sharks.

It’s more than 10 years since the Discovery channel is used to display the actions and interesting behavior of sharks. But photographer Chris was the one who had the chance to be closer to the animal and get the best shots.

His photographs are a model for wildlife photographers.

The ability to jump to have the prey in its jaws, creating a powerful view, isn’t this amazing? Although there are many competing photographers who strive to get better shots over and over again.

Some use drones, invisible cameras. Thanks to modern technology, we can all follow the incredible wildlife inhabitants.

What’s more hilarious, the shark seemed to be annoyed with that mysterious technology so he jumped out and soon the drone was in its jaws.

Besides, the shark made an impressive record jumping with 15 feet of height.

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