Heart melting story about caring mommy and baby ducklings

We, humans, can’t be indifferent to gentle stories and photos about sweet friendships between different animals.

This cute story will definitely melt your heart. It all starts when this little monkey looks at the baby ducks with pure love.

Ducklings are joyfully playing with the fur of the monkey and in turn, the animal hugs and cuddle with them.

It seems like a loving family, the babies follow the monkey everywhere like she is their newly found mommy. They don’t part from each other even a minute.

They play, eat and cuddle together. Even when the monkey climbs up the tree, the little ones wait for her on the ground. The monkey climbs up the tree, and his fuzzy friends are waiting for him at the bottom. The cute group of animals continues to explore everything in their surroundings.

No one is really sure how it all started. The gentle bond between two very different species amazed everyone.


The little ducks sleep peacefully as they know their mummy monkey is always around them and can protect them in case of any danger.

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