Heartmelting scene: Affectionate giraffe says goodbye to his dying zookeeper

A zoologist named Mario took care of the majestic animals for over twenty-five years. He was suffering from a deadly dangerous disease, however, his wish was to spend the last days of his life around his beloved creatures, giraffes.

No one knew what would be his reaction when he was brought to the section of giraffes of the zoo he used to work in.

All the giraffes surrounded Mario as if they felt that something was wrong with their friend. Another giraffe started to kiss and touch him, perhaps that was his goodbye.

He was likely to spend his last days at the wildlife park where he spent his years healing and accompanying these creatures with love and passion. Due to the Foundation of Ambulance Wish, the touching meeting took place. The director of the foundation said that Mario got rejoiced seeing the lovely creatures around him.

It is really remarkable and heart-melting to see that the animals still recognize him and are totally aware that he is sick.

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