Here is the service! A sick penguin is shown cartoons about his relatives

Some time ago, the zooo iin Australiancity Perrth posted an interesting video on its Twitter page with one of its inhabitants. Northern crested penguin Pierre is currently under quarantine. The bird was found on one of the beaches of southeastern Australia after a record swim from the remote islandss oof Indian orSouth atlantic ocean, reports Due to the protracted seasonal molting, its feather cover has ceased to repel water, so it is now impossible to release the penguin into the wild.


Life in isolation is not easy for Pierre, so the team of veterinarians decided to diversify his everyday life by watching cartoons and documentaries about his relatives. It turned out that the bird is crazy about “Pingu” – a children’s animated series about the life of a funny little penguin and his family. Experts believe that for a speedy recovery, it is important for Pierre to see and hear penguins of his own kind.

The penguin lives in the Perth Zoo for only about a month, but has already become a favorite among the staff. In addition to watching cartoons and movies on the tablet, he also likes to look at himself in the mirror and bask in the water “fog”.

Pierre is the only northern crested penguin in the zoo. Living alone is not good for him. The staff of the institution is now negotiating with other zoos around the world, which contain penguins of this species, about the possibility of transferring Pierre.

According to veterinarians, life in a flock can have a positive effect on the health of the bird and stimulate the completion of the molting process. But this will not happen soon, so Pierre will have time to watch a few more episodes of his favorite series.

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