Huge and homeless cat becomes the nanny and bodyguard of the little Sophia

There are numerous animals left alone on the streets, and many of them get angry of human’s bad treatment, and sometimes, they become frigthened of every human being.

But still, they don’t stop being caring and loving toward people. An Italian woman named Stefano, while working on her farm, discovered a huge beautiful cat there. It was obvious that the cat was abandoned or homeless.

The kind woman called him Tiger. At the time of cat’s arrival, Stefano was pregnant and she was about to give birth soon. Tiger was always around her as if he was their protector.

The baby was born and Tiger got to be her bodyguard and best friend. He loved his new human and followed her everywhere to make sure she is okay.

Stefano admits that she is well aware that the cat can scretch her baby or something else, but she states that she trusts the animal and knows that her baby is in good hands, even when she was not around her.

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