“I like knitting and I love dogs, so this is the best combination ever!”, this woman made blankets and sweaters for dogs

A large number of dogs and cats are settled in shelters made for animals.

Some of them are lucky to find a caring family quickly, whereas other poor “guests” have been waiting for their future owners for a very long time.

Even though the shelter workers try their best to give proper care to their pets, the conditions may not be perfect. Once, an English dog shelter asked kind-hearted people for help.

The following announcement has been posted on the Facebook page of the shelter.

“We encourage all kind and caring people who are able knitting needles to donate sweaters for dogs who are cold and mostly for those who are completely lonely in the Christmas holidays.”

A random woman enthusiastically checked on the business and sooner they could already enjoy the result of her work.

“I like knitting and I love dogs, so this is the best combination ever!” The happy lady declared.

Macy continued supporting the orphanage regularly

Within 3 years, the dogs acquired more than 450 blankets and a large number of sweaters from her. The woman also said:

“It usually lasts three days to braid a covering and only one day to knit a sweater for a pet. I like knitting while watching TV”

To sum it up, thanks to the donations of a kind woman, dogs will never be afraid of the cold weather.

Those sweaters give pets comfort and coziness.

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