In New Zealand, dog donated his blood to save the ginger cat from close death.

Macy, a doggie from the New Zealand became a donor and rescued Rory, a cat who was in terrible condition because of a poison.


At that moment, the family called emergency and they sent him laboratory to find cat blood. But the department was unfortunately closed.

So the vets made a suggestion. Wait for a long time to find a cat’s blood, or take blood of a dog. So the owner called her friend who had a labrador with the name of Masi. Eventually, the cat was saved, as Masi gave a huge amount blood. The patient was all well and everyone rejoiced.


But it might be worse if the cat was injected a blood of cat, as they usually have an A kind of blood but here most of the cats have only B type.

Thanks to Masi, the poisoned cat is now safe and sound and feels incredibly healthy!

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