It’s amazing how such an unusual trick helped Cheech find a new home!

We are more than sure that dogs are surprisingly intelligent animals.


Many settlers of the shelter are now well aware of different tricks that help them to win the heart of potential owners. Some of them make charmy movements with their tail, trying to attract the attention of potential owners.

A two-year-old dog called Cheech is the hero of our story, as he got a new home using… his cute smile!

He was picked by shelter volunteers from the streets of Texas. Time has passed, and the staff of the center started to notice that the dog makes unusual expressions when seeing a visitor coming to him.


“When I saw his ‘smile’, I asked my team to look at his face.

A woman took several photos of the doggie and shared them on the official page, of the center, it quickly went viral. Visitors never stopped amazing at the pet’s charming smile. Most of them wanted to adopt him.


“I am sold!” – lots of people wrote in the comments.

After seeing the comments, volunteers and employees did their best to find a new family for Cheech.

The owner’s name was Carrie. Unfortunately, one of her dogs died. and the second one was depressed by the loss of her friend. When they finally meet the charming dog, it was absolutely clear that they will get along and love each other.

It’s amazing how such an unusual trick helped Cheech find a new home!

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