Lucky one! Homeless dog survives after spending 7 hours in the same room with a leopard

On this day, the dog may celebrate its second birthday. She was very lucky to be alive.

No one really understood how it all happened. According to eyewitnesses, a yard dog named Bollu suddenly flew into the open door of a residential building in the Indian village of Bilinele, Karnataka, followed by a leopard. Both rushed to the bathroom, where they were closed by frightened owners. Only a few hours later, employees of the departmentof forestr, arrivedat thescene.

They began to dismantle the roof of the bathroom, throwing a net over the building just in case, and then put a camera through the hole to see what was happening inside the room.

Lucky! Homeless dog survives after spending 7 hours in the same room with a leopard.

Experts expected to see anything – the torn body of a dog, pools of blood and other horrors, but a completely different, peaceful picture appeared before their eyes. Bollu and the leopard sat in different corners of the room. The dog was scared (and we understand it well!) and stared straight at the wall. The leopard lay calmly in a relaxed position, not showing aggression. But a predator is a predator: barely noticing the camera and people, the wild cat rushed to the attack in the blink of an eye. In total, the dog sat locked in the same room with the leopard for about 7 hours. The employees of the department made several attempts to release him, but only by 14 o’clock they finally managed to do it.

Seeing a hole in the roof, the predator jumped into it and disappeared into the forest thickets. Bollu was free! To everyone’s surprise, there was not a scratch on it. After everything he had experienced, he was happy to be on the street again and thanked people for saving him. And the locals are still wondering why the leopard that was chasing the dog never attacked it. According to forestry officials, big catsprefer toambush theirprey because they have more room to maneuver. Finding himself with the dog in a closed room literally nose to nose and having no way to retreat, the leopard decided not to risk it. Or maybe it’s just a happy accident, and Ball was very lucky – now it’s impossible to know.

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