Meet Alba the albino orangutan, who was saved by volunteers

4 years ago, the only albino orangutan with the name of Alba was seen on the island of Borneo.


He was taken from the inhabitants in a village, where someone kept him in a cage for over a year. She was in a horrible state. He was not fed properly and had dehydration issues. Besides, she also had problems with eyesight and hearing.

An organization committed to helping orangutans, spent about a year restoring the health of the animal.

The animal rapidly recovered so the staff decided to release her to live in a national park. But in order for Alba to live peacefully, the volunteers of the center created the right environment where he can feel as in real nature. He got the opportunity to climb trees by himself, find food, play with other orangutans.


In the national park, no one could harm the animal, he was in good hands.

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