Mother-cat refused from her kitten and abandoned him, leaving him alone in the whole world

Kitty Kottage organization, which is engaged in overexposure of animals, received a tiny and tortured patient.

This was reported to a volunteer, a young girl named Beth. The employee was just horrified when she saw the new guest of the organization. It was a poor kitten who seemed to have been born right yesterday, but in fact, he was already three-weeks-old.

The little child had health problems, the mother-cat refused him and abandoned him in the middle of the street. To save the kitten wonderful girl Beth had to go a long way.

The kitten was given droppers to maintain vitality. Beth fed him with a special probe, and then through a bottle because he was restless and weak.

The weakened animal needed constant help and the whole family of the girl looked after him. Over time, the newborn baby, whom the organization’s employees gave Guinness name, got stronger and began to recover. He transformed into a well-groomed cat with silky fur.

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