Mother photographed the children, and then realized that they were on the verge of death

A resident of Australia went with her family for a walk along the river Mitta Mitta. Her children, holding hands, ran ahead, and my mother decided to take some memorable photos. And only at home, looking through the pictures, she noticed a snake crawling very close to them.

According to him, this picture is another proof that reptiles do not attack people if they are not provoked. “The snake saw people approaching and let them pass by,” Barry commented on the photo. “This clearly shows that snakes are not aggressive if they are treated with respect.”

This behavior is typical not only for asps, but also for reptiles of other families. According to experts, most attacks are due to the fact that people give in to panic and try to kill snakes.

For over 40 years, Barry Goldsmith has been working to raise people’s awareness of the environment they live in and the animals they share it with. “I’m trying to teach people to treat all living things with respect, and not to inspire fear of a person,” he says. “It is important to change the way we view wildlife forever.”

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