My dear man! Friendly Retriever loves couriers and waits for them at the door every day.

Seven-year-old Pippin has a small weakness – she loves postal workers and delivery services. Whether it’s in a beautiful shape, or in love for surprises, but the dog is waiting for them like family.

Golden Retriever Pippin has always been very friendly, but at some point her owner Kayla began to notice the pet’s special craving for people delivering mail and parcels. At the same time, the dog loves not specific people, but couriers in general: postmen, FedEx and UPS employees, and, of course, an ice cream man!

Every day, Pippin waits patiently at the front door and, noticing the man with the box, frantically starts wagging his tail. The Retriever is so sweet and friendly that everyone wants to pet her – even the FedEx courier who has been afraid of dogs all his life. The guy for a long time did not dare to climb the porch, but after a few months he became Pippin’s best friend.

Local postmen and couriers often bring treats with them, and sometimes take the dog for a walk around the house. Sly Pippin even gets the sandwiches that the workers take from home for lunch. And one of the employees of the UPS delivery service constantly leaves a pet bone at the front door – even when no one is at home.

The downside of such a touching relationship is that Pippin is very sad when her friends leave. She hates parting and sits at the door for a long time, peering intently into the distance.

But, fortunately, she does not have to be bored for a long time. In addition to Pippin, another retriever lives in the house and her best friend is the guinea pig Frankenstein. These two will always find something to do – for example, crunch cabbage for a couple.

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