Nine days after the tornado destroyed the building the missing cat was found under the ruins

In December, a dreadful tornado hit the city of Mayfield, state Kentucky.


All the houses were razed to the ground and the man named Hoot didn’t have hope to find the black cat under the ruins who was regularly visiting theiroffice.

Since the horrible disaster, no one saw Gibson. The family tried to find their cat Madix alive, but day after day, the hope was gradually vanishing.

A week passed, no news. Even if the cat could survive, he would be unable to live without supplies.

But a miracle happened on the ninth day of the tornado tragic. Gibson himself was cleaning the ruins when suddenly he heard a meow. He immediately called Madix, and another feline voice came under the ruins.

Happily, he rushed to look under the wreckage, although he was afraid he could harm the baby. So he asked two people for help, and they started to listen carefully to the cry of the cat coming from the ruins.

Finally, they found the cat with no injuries. It is unbelievable how come a cat could survive the disaster? Gibson took her home. She was exhausted and dehydrated. He took goodcare of her.

The very next day, he took Medix to vets, she started getting better. It was her second chance to live a happy life.

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