Pregnant cat rushes to the nearest hospital after realizing she can’t give birth on her own

This incredible event took place in the city of Tatvan in Turkey. One morning, a stray and helpless cat appeared in front of the entrance to the local hospital. As it was the last month of her pregnancy, she was very exhausted.

The most amazing thing is that a stray animal correctly chose where to go for help.

In the human hospital, doctors could not help this future mom, but people immediately took her to the veterinary clinic in an ambulance. An experienced doctor immediately assessed the seriousness of the situation, and the cat was given a cesarean section under general anesthesia.

Mother cat gives birth to four safe and sound, healthy kittens. A little more and they would have died. The cat went to the hospital and asked for help in time. Until full recovery, this newmade family will stay in the clinic. The staff will take care of all the expenses.

Then the family will be moved to a shelter and they will look for a home for everyone.

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