Puma Messy rescued from a Zoo lives with his humans as a pet

These kind couple, currently live with a huge puma called Messi. They met the beautiful baby at the zoo and loved him immediately.

He was still a cub with some health problems. But the zoo staff couldn’t take care of the ill baby so it was decided to put him down.

Fortunately, these people were there at the right time. They managed to save him. Messy was sold to the couple.

However, it was a challenging task for them to take care of the ill, in addition, a wild animal. But due to their persistence and efforts to help him recover.

Puma had a daily routine which is having walks twice in a day.

He is now is a well-trained, good-behaved and kind creature. Although the couple’s flat is small, they made it.

Messy is very friendly and likes socializing with people. He has also become a star on social media.

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