Read what happens when a chimpanzee mother abandons her newborn baby, after which the dog takes the role of the little cub’s mom

It is an accepted phenomenon that all newborns are breastfed. For example, it is common among monkeys that they should be breastfed until they are three years old.

But sometimes there are exceptions, and poor puppies can not be fed breast milk. Such an example took place in the Russian Federation.

In one of the zoos of Russia, a monkey cub was born, but it turned out that his mom did not feed him milk, and then completely abandoned him. The chimpanzee cub was left without a mother, who was so necessary for every baby after birth.

The employees of the zoo tried to bring the cub closer to the mother, but all the attempts were unsuccessful. Then one of the zoo staff decided to take the child home.

It so happened that the zoo worker had a big dog in the house, which had recentlyy ggiven birthto hercubs. There were some concerns that the dog would not accept a little monkey baby, but the fears were unfounded. When the little chimpanzee saw his new family they immediately started to get acquainted.

The dog began to smell the chimpanzee and got acquainted with it. After some time, the dog adopted this baby as its cub. The chimpanzee also adopted the dog as its mother.

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