Rescued squirrel keeps visiting her owners who saved her life for over eight years

It is well-known that when we say about friendships between humans and animals, we immediately perceive a picture of a man and a dog. But you should look at this story.


Meet a squirrel called Bella who became Brantley’s family member. It happened when she was rescued and sent to their house for full care.

It was about a couple of months that she took medical treatment after which she was about to be released to the wild.

The animal got the injury from an owl attack.

But once she got better, she was released. The family didn’t expect to see her again but they love her so much. However, Bella surprised them the very next day. He paid a nice visit to her beloved family who saved her life and gave her care and support for a long time. And soon, it became a habit for the next eight months.

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