Reuben and Keisha share the same fate as their back legs are paralyzed back legs, but their wheelchairs helped them to stay the same playful and loving dogs full of life.

These two beautiful best friends, named Keisha and Reuben are inseparable best friends who have much in common. Mostly because both of them are on wheels.

One time when Reuben was having a usual swim, suddenly he felt that something was wrong, he couldn’t move his back legs.
In the veterinary clinic, the doctors found out that the bulging disc was broken and basically thrilled hisspinal cord.
No one knew whether the paralyze condition would spread all over his body and to his brain, but luckily, it just stopped right below his front legs.


After the adaptation period with very well-developed new wheels, Reuben feels incredible, he regained his playful energy and is now the same funny doggie who loves entertainment.

Unfortunately, Keisha has the same fate as Reuben. Her case happened during the family time when they were playing together. The vets said that she needs to adapt the wheelchair, so she need to use them at ten-minute intervals.


However, according to her owner, once she gets into the chair, no one can stop her as she immediately takes off.

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