Teenage girl finds dying of horse on the road and walks with the horse 9 miles back home

We are here to tell you a very touching story about a teenage girl who saved the love of an emaciated horse.

A girl named Kalsey and her mother were driving along the road when accidentally they saw a poor horse laying on the grass, on the other side of the street. It was a week horse who was starving and had an appearance of a skeleton. On his body, they were signs of abuse.

They thought it was by the hands of the horse’s owner, or maybe he just escaped from the farm to find food

These two women started to act immadiately. It was decided to put him to track and drive. But the horse was heavy enough to be put in the car so the girl had no choice but to walk with him to Kelsey’s home. It took 4 long hours.



They were so worried for his life as he slept almost 5 days. Thanks to God, he was soon saved. They named the horse Sunny and became loyal and loving friends. Hence, they were inseparable.

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