The cat named Quenda had unique long legs and people were sympathizing with it

Humans became emotional about an unusual creature.

It was about a kitty from Australia which was known for having long legs and people were reacting to its anomaly with pity. The kitty was under the attention by humans. When making a post viewers started to make comments about it.

They resembled the kitty to the famous hero Slenderman, which was the main character in the paintings of famous artist Dali and popular organization was offering to include in modeling to emphasize the unique feature of its legs.

It happened that firstly the photo was posted on Facebook in one of the accounts of animal refuges. The cat was 2 who was looking after another baby and it was searching for a caring holder.

It was said that in Spring Quenda had got a new house in one of the towns called Perth. The cat is now inhabiting with its holder.

People using social media had offered to the female who adopted the kitty with the unique long legs to have an account on Instagram.

It would be devoted to the cute pet. The legs of the cat only emphasize its beauty and does not prevent it to enjoy its life fully.

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