The cat returned to the owner after 11 years of separation

A cat named Whiskey ran away from home in 2006. Desperate to wait for the pet home, his mistress decided that he must have died.

But it turned out that Whiskey fell into good hands: an elderly man picked him up on the street, who then moved to another city – 160 kilometers from his former place of residence. The man and Whiskey lived in perfect harmony for many years, but one day the pensioner fell ill and had to give his pet to the Cats Protection shelter. His employees examined the cat and found a microchip with the data of the first owner, Marie. They contacted the woman with the good news: Whiskey is alive!

“I was just amazed when I saw Whiskey! I thought that he died long ago, for example, he got hit by a car. But he returned to us only thanks to the microchip!” Marie said.

A similar story happened with two other cats, Ringo and George. They went missing five years ago, and were able to return to their owners only thanks to the attentive staff of the shelter and the foresight of the owners.

“I never stopped hoping. I knew that if he was ever found, then they would return him to me, since Ringo has a microchip, ”the owner of the cat emphasized.

Unfortunately, there are still few animals with microchips. The charity says less than a third of all cats are microchipped, meaning most animals that get lost will never return to their homes.

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