The cat which was paralyzed struggled to survive in order its babies were alive

In the streets of Los Angeles the passengers saw a small kitty the legs of which were paralyzed.

It was going to give birth at the same time. When it was taken to the shelter the reason after examination was known. Rough people shot the poor cat and the bullet was in the spine.

As the employees of the shelters stated the kitten was harmed and by miracle it was alive maybe for its babies. The day came and the pet had the babies.

But at once some kitties died. Then the kitten was moved to the hospital when C-section was done. It had 4 kitties which were feeling fine. After being recovered it gradually started to feed the babies. It was so attentive and affectionate towards its children.

After a short time two kitties were seen on the road and were moved beside it and the caring mummy to look after the tiny creatures as its own ones.

The sad thing was that doctors were not able to do anything concerning its paralysis. It was actual that it would not change anything referring its legs. After grow up the kitties had got families. The cat was left to be taken.

And there was a thing about putting the animal to death but one of the volunteers adopted the pet. And currently it receives care and love.

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