The clever dog rescued the life of the man by opening the door to the doctors as he was unconscious

The dog named Megan which was 3 managed to do a heroic deed.

As it could let the doctors in by opening the door. At that time its holder was unconscious. The name of the man was Gary and was inhabiting in Suffolk and once felt bad.

He could call for assistance and fainted felling on the floor. He was at the hospital having endoscopy of gall bladder and when returning to the house he was feeling alright.

The other day because of losing too much blood he fainted on the floor. When the doctors reached to the destination they tried to come into the house but were unable as the door was locked.

But they heard that there was a dog which was barking and from the first sight supposed that is was aggressive and wanted to attack. When know that the doctors came Megan rushed to the door and put its paws on the handle and opened the door.

Before that the dog had been taught how to unlock the door if it is inside the house. They showed it that way maybe one day could lost their key.

There were other pets at home which were trying to wake him up. The doctors arrived in time as he could have passed of losing too much bleed. When Gary was awake he did not remember what had happened. He was thankful to its dog for saving his life.

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