The cute tiny dog is fond of flowers and loves to smell whenever seeing them

It is considered that dogs like very much to sniff each thing.

And the following cutie is fond of smelling flowers. As the holder says the pet started to be fond of flowers even when it was a tiny pet. The name of the dog is Finn.

It liked very much to go its holder’s father’s house where there were flowers. It was impressed by them. It had not intention to insult them but just would sit and sniff.

When being at home it can spring to the plants growing at home and inhales them. In some cases it also likes not only natural flowers but also artificial ones. But besides flowers it likes very much its owners.

It always goes after its mummy and likes to take a nap next to their bed. When Sarah goes to the store it also takes its chance to find flowers even if they are artificial and try to inhale.

The flowers that it is fond of mostly are pansies. They are not dangerous to pets but Finn does not taste them in order not to harm them but to defend. It is also said that the smelling ability in dogs is multiple times more developed like in people.

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