The desire to learn and be educated led this little animal to school and he immediately became a 3-rd grader

Well, of course, animals differ from humans in many ways, but there is one thing that shocked everyone. It is the desire to learn and be educated.

A cat named Tombo started attending school and immediately became a third-grader.

It turns out that the cat was found by the school students in the park. The children fed the cat and went to their classroom. The cat became closer to the third graders, so he always went to that classroom. The school administration took the cat to a veterinarian to rid the animal of all kinds of parasites.

However, things did not go so smoothly. One of the parents complained and applied to the higher education authorities for the animal to be expelled from school.

Tombo was taken to another place, but he was getting weaker day by day. The director of the school appealed to all the relevant authorities to have Tombo in the school again.

The director even prepared the cat’s personal file, and the cat became a full member of the staff.

The whole school, especially the third graders, welcomed Tobo back with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

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